Silver etc – Silver Jewellery and Body Jewellery

Home of contemporary silver jewellery, and body jewellery. We have had so many requests at our trade only website, to sell our jewellery direct, that we created this website. You will find some beautiful jewellery here, that is excellent value.

Silver Jewellery

Our silver jewellery is listed by location on the body, with specialist sections for men’s jewellery and children’s jewellery. Within this you can see by style. Have a good thorough look about and you will find irresistable jewellery at a great price. All jewellery arrives with a display case, so it looks it’s best and to keep it safe. Shipping costs are low.. in many cases free!

Body Jewellery

In the same way, our body jewellery is listed by location on the body. You can then decide whether you would like to see the technical excellence of titanium jewellery, the fun of the ultra-violet jewellery, high-quality surgical steel, discrete “hide it” retainers, and so on.


“The diamond ring has come to stay as a symbol of love because of its qualities; It is often confusing at times as to what makes a lady happy when she receives a pink heart shaped diamond engagement ring; An engagement ring is already exciting enough; then a diamond engagement ring is just double the excitement.”

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